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See the "About Us" page for a list of accepted brands.

Instructions for photos

The photos required will vary by brand and we will ask for specific photos if what we need is not shown. 

Please ensure that photos are taken in natural light, no flash, at a straight on angle.  In the case of engravings and wording, a macro setting on your camera will give us the best results.

We accept/prefer: or Google Drive.  We also provide a photo uploader, which will be provided in the check out page and in our emailed receipt.

Every effort is made to provide you with quick turn around service.  However, that is not always possible if photos are not submitted properly.  With this in mind, here is a list of DONT'S!


  • Submit blurry or out of focus photos. High resolution, in focus, photos are required. 
  • Submit photos inserted into the body of the email - they must be sent as full size ATTACHMENTS.
  • Submit photos without your order name and order number. 
  • Submit photos that are too small.  They should be at least 2 MB or larger.
  • Submit collages, PDF's or screen shots.
  • Submit 1 photo per email.
  • Submit 1 link per photo. Put all photos together in an album, and 1 link.
  • Submit multiple items per email or file sharing link.
  • Email photos from a different email address than what you stated on your order.
  • Submit photos in zipped files or anything that needs to be downloaded.
  • Use flash unless absolutely necessary. It distorts colors, and washes out the view.
  • Take photos from angles. Everything needs to be straight on, otherwise, it becomes distorted.
  • Send your photos to us directly from Dropbox. We are unable to identify the link and/or your email address.
  • Any of these methods WILL result in the delay of your authentication


  • Use a file sharing service. This will give you the quickest result.  We accept and Google Drive.
  • Make sure the settings are so that "anyone" can view your photos. Our experts are not at the same email address, so please do not set them to be viewed by Authenticate First only.
  • Send individual large, in focus, high resolution photos.
  • Include your order name and order number on all correspondence.
  • Use a standard camera to take photos.  It does not have to be a professional camera. A point and shoot with a macro setting is sufficient.
  • Provide multiple photos of the markings, just to be sure we receive usable quality photos.
  • Take all photos in natural lighting at straight on angles. 
  • Make sure your photos are facing right side up. Not sideways or upside down.
  • Pretty simple, eh?

For most brands excluding Hermes we need:

Front, back, bottom and sides

Date code/serial #/hologram (front and back of tags as applicable)

Trademark heat stamps and embossing


Close up picture of all of the hardware w/engravings (zipper pull,  zipper head, snaps, d-rings, rivets, etc.)

Textiles:  Close up of buttons and/or zipper pulls, front and back of any tags and internal labels

Jewelry:  Close up of logos, engraving, clasps, jewels and/or pendants

Any box, dust bag, receipt, paperwork, or tags

We can never have too many pictures, so don’t be afraid to shoot several of the same spot. If what we need is not shown, we will let you know what we need to see.


Christian Louboutin shoes:

One birds eye view

One outside profile (side view on level surface)

One inside profile (side view on level surface)

One close up of gold logo

Pictures of all of the stitching on the inside of the leather. There will usually be two or three places for most pumps

Far away of soles and close up of logo on soles

Close up of the wear (as applicable)

45 degree shot of the red soles (to see the curve )

Up close of the edge of the red sole

Hermes (high resolution photos are required):

3000x4000 pixels or more

HERMES heat stamp on the front of the bag, straight on picture, close up

HERMES-PARIS engraving on the bag hardware (very important)

Blind stamps behind the straps, which include the craftsman mark and the letter in a square which represents the year it was made 

Entire zipper on the inside of the handbag, including a close up picture of the zipper pull and a close of picture of the "H" at the end of the Zipper

Close of the base of the handles on the back of the bag

Close up of the stitching on the top of the bag

Interior leather



Any box, dust bag, receipt, paperwork, or tags

We can never have too many pictures, so don’t be afraid to shoot several of the same spot.

These are best taken in natural light, no flash, at a straight on angle.  The more we can see the detailing, the better.