See the "About Us" page for a list of accepted brands.

Please keep in mind that since our site is photo based, clear photos are required. We may ask you for more, or ask you to contact the seller, for more detailed or better images, if we are unable to make a determination.  We must be able to view detailing clearly.  Blurry and out of focus photos can result in a rejection of photos, or incorrect authentication results.

Our turnaround time is approximately 2 business days after we receive all pictures. 

Ordering an authentication is easy! Simply follow these few steps:

  • Create a file sharing folder via or Google Drive for your photos.  
  • Click on the "Order an Authentication" from the menu bar.
  • In our shopping cart, select the service that you need for your authentication. Add extra services, as needed.
  •  Place your file sharing link or website link into the shopping cart at checkout.

  • If you do not have a link to share, our confirmation email will direct you where to upload your photos. Please wait for the email from our shopping cart provider.

  • By paying for your authentication, you agree to our Terms of Service

Please note:  We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.  Please plan ahead accordingly. Although we often work on the weekends, it is not guaranteed in our turn around time.